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orange caramel’s food inspired outfits for anonymous
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i know i say this like every other day but i’m going to be sooooo upset when the promotion for catallena is over.

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14.03.30 / [HD] Orange Caramel - Catallena / SBS Inkigayo

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jiyoon in whatcha doing today?

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i started crying by the time the chorus came around. 

everybody, please watch this video. it’s not another cute romance or break-up song.  the video very clearly shows that this is about Lee Michelle’s struggle to be accepted in very large part to her skin color. The child acting in this deserves every single award, as does Michelle. Both the song and the video hit really hard.

some important things to keep in mind:

- Michelle is half black and half Korean. Some people act like saying “African American” is better than black, but she’s never been to America. Afro-Hispanic people exist, African people exist —  not everyone black is African American.

- for God’s sake, PLEASE don’t comment on how amazed you are by her Korean.  She was born and raised in Korea. It’s her first language. Just because she doesn’t “look Korean” to you doesn’t mean she’s not.

- I skipped the first 1:30 of the video because watching a little girl run around in panic makes me anxious, personally. The song starts around 1:35, but parts of the beginning are really cool. I just couldn’t handle it.

- Michelle was also featured in the absolutely gorgeous Rewind by Double K. Please go support both songs!

I want this girl to get support and love from us. Please, check her out, reblog this video, support her with views, anything you can.  It’s clear that she has a struggle before her in the k-pop world despite her incredible talent, charisma, and beauty. It’s really inspiring that she is making that the root of her work.  As a person with brown skin, and also a person with a heart, this was really, really important to me.

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[SCAN] Hyoyeon Mr.Mr. - 1200 x 1785

[SCAN] Hyoyeon Mr.Mr. - 1200 x 1785

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