ARTIST: The Fugees
TRACK: Killing Me Softly
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ARTIST: The Fugees
TRACK: Killing Me Softly
ALBUM: The Score
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ARTIST: Fugees
TRACK: Ready Or Not
ALBUM: The Score
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"My knees knock as I step back for a clear shot
(Well did you shoot him?)
Naw kid I didn’t have the balls
That’s when I realized I’m pumpin’ too much Biggie Smalls." - The Mask, Fugees

Lauryn’s Verse 


I play my enemies like a game of chess, where I rest, 
No stress 
If you don’t smoke sess, lest. 
I must confess, my destiny’s manifest 
In some Goretex and sweats I make treks like I’m homeless 
Rap orgies with Porgy and Bess, 
Capture your bounty like Elliot Ness, YES 
Bless you if you represent the Fu 
But I’ll hex you with some witch’s brew if you’re Doo Doo 
Voo Doo, 
I can do what you do, easy, BELIEVE ME 
Frontin’ niggas give me hee-bee-gee-bees, 
So while you’re imitating Al Capone 
I’ll be Nina Simone 
And defacating on your microphone. 

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