FIClet: gifsets will ruin your life if you let them


(aka: here, have some hypothetical 3b crapshit completely inspired by this gifset by @half-in-love-with.)


In the end, what gets Emma to stop calling them all delusional cult freaks are the photos Regina has in her wallet (still, always, forever).  Infant Henry and toddler Henry and just-turned-six Henry and nine-and-a-half Henry, and every time wrapped up in her arms or draping his whole small body over hers with love and trust that can’t be posed or Photoshopped.

She told them it would take photographic proof.  Imbecilic heroes, trusting in blind faith as if they’d never met Emma Swan before.

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For Sarah, who insisted this was a good idea.

A shrill scream rang out through the swamp, causing a brief silence among the various waterfowl and wildlife, followed by the commotion of a platter hitting the ground.

Misty Day raised her head from the flowerbed she had been working in to see her…

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Dance with Me


Pairing: Cordelia/Misty (Foxxay)

Synopsis: It is precisely the undefinable that links two souls together, some mysterious combination of chemical and fate.  Cordelia finds that Misty overwhelms her senses – with and without sight.

Author’s Note: Uhh.  My current obsession is problematic.  I spent a lot of the evening looking at GIFsets, reading fics, watching fanvids, and cursing YouTube for country copyright bans.  Anyway, so here’s another one-shot.  I hope you enjoy.  It’s set in the usual Coven circumstance and takes place away from the hubbub of witch hunters and the Seven Wonders.  Let’s just pretend the Seven Wonders never happened.  Mmkay.

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For the Good and Gentle


Pairing: Cordelia/Misty (Foxxay)

Synopsis: Cordelia is naturally composed, but there’s one girl who can dismantle her.  Behind the scenes of fear and trauma the Coven experiences, she has no one to lean on; it is Misty, though, who finds a way beneath Cordelia’s exterior.  

Rating: Just eventual smoochies, no smut.

A/N: Ugh.  Ugh.  I AM SO UPSET WITH LOTS OF THINGS.  So, I wrote a short one-shot (approx. 5k words) and found a way to make myself happy with AHS: Coven.  I still don’t have my own computer so literally the only time I have had to write this is the five-ish hours that I’ve spent writing this right now.  So, here you go.  Sorry this isn’t within the Glee fandom; hopefully I’ll get time to work on those fics whenever I can borrow my girlfriend’s laptop.


It was that first moment of contact that Cordelia saw who Misty was.  She saw the lifeless animals brought back to life, heard Misty sing to the plants as she tended to their hydration, felt the unadulterated and childlike wonder at the sight of the Milky Way over her swamp at night.  And yet, beyond this, there had been a constant craving for human contact. 

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She Matters to You | Misty x Cordelia | AHS: Coven


Spoilers for the finale below


It’s been two weeks.

Cordelia visits the swamp every day.

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[Misty/Cordelia fix-it fic; major spoilers for tonight’s AHS]

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SQ Xmas Fic Exchange Entry 2013 | Why Can’t Secret Santa Just Be Openly Gay?, PG


Title taken from a joke Cecily Strong made on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

He’s sitting on Emma’s desk when she comes into the station that morning, bleary eyed and cursing the fact that she needs to work on a Sunday morning.  Weekends are supposed to be time off, but with everything that’s happened since getting back from Neverland, she’s got plenty of paperwork to catch up on. She doesn’t notice him at first, too busy juggling her hot chocolate and bear claw while trying to get her coat off, but he catches her eye as she moves to sit down.

“Well hello there.” She says, a smile slowly stretching across her face as she takes in the sight of him, all dressed up in a red coat and Santa hat. “Where did you come from?”

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Anonymous → Hi! I'm pretty brand new to the Rizzles fandom. I've only just gotten into its fan fiction and have read a handful of stories, all of which had Maura as the "suitor" wooing Jane. Can you recommend any stories where Jane is wooing Maura? I was hoping to change it up. Thank you! :D

this was a harder request than i thought it would be, haha. i think a lot of people see maura as more sure and confident in her sexuality, which is why there are so many fics with her wooing/pursuing jane as opposed to jane doing the wooing.

but here are a few off the top of my head:

all the way home i’ll be warm by jobethmegamy.myhomegirls

yellow is for friendship by thepriceismeg

ask me by trekkie101

i’ll keep looking/thinking and see if i can find some others.


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law of the lever | part i. part ii.

Her heart drums loud in her ears as she swallows, skin hot with apprehension as she tries to calculate if there’s a way out of this conversation.
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Title: “And I Feel Fine”Author: indietronicaRating: TPairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura IslesSummary: The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and Maura Isles wants to go shopping.Chapters: 2Link: [x]


Title: “And I Feel Fine”
Author: indietronica
Rating: T
Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Summary: The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and Maura Isles wants to go shopping.
Chapters: 2
Link: [x]

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R&I fanfic recs: when the show isn’t gay enough (part 1)

These are all finished stories (most of them are one shots), some of them I’ve recommended before. Stories with ~sexytiems are marked with an asterisk. Some of these are new and some are old, so it’s sort of all over the place. 

I’m making a part two at some point.

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Anonymous → favourite fics from any fandom?

Okay, this took me long enough and I probably could have spent another week adding fics, changing fics, adding more fandoms, etc. 

So, here you go!

The X-Files"Fata Morgana"

A routine investigation in a small town quickly explodes into life and death consequences.

The X-Files - "The Sin-Eater"

“Time anomalies are common in encounter zones. I think that whatever happened to you was an accident. That you were pulled along in — I don’t know, in some kind of undertow — that had nothing to do with you or with the aims of whoever was generating those effects.”

The X-Files - "The Unfinished Universe"

Set in S8, a newly-returned Mulder drives back across the US with Scully and their infant son.

The X-Files - "Woven Deep"

What happened between the time Scully saved Mulder in “Amor Fati” and the final touchstone scene.

One Life To Live"Dreams of Her Own"

When Blair dreams of Todd, it’s the old one she sees. And the old one she wants.

One Life To Live - "Like A Kick To The Heart"

Set just before the Wednesday 6/9/10 episode. Blair accompanies Téa to a treatment.

Rizzoli & Isles"The Mating Behaviour of Dr. Maura Isles"

Maura’s point-of-view on well… just quite how to… woo.

Rizzoli & Isles"Roots"

Maura’s family tree is missing its roots.

Luther"Particle Collisions at Ultrarelativistic Speeds" 

“The thing is, John,” she says, softly, her mouth widening into a thin smile - inviting, dangerous - “I’ve committed a crime.”

Parks & Recreation"The Legend of Stiffy Green"

Leslie realizes that Ben hasn’t seen the scariest landmark in all of Pawnee.

Parks & Recreation"The Art of Looking For Trouble"

This chart comes in handy so much, she doesn’t know why everyone complains about it all the time.

Prison Break - "Trick Of The Light"

The first time she thinks she sees him, she blames the complimentary Mai Tai.

Prison Break - "Surrogates"

When everything is over and the dust finally settles, Sara and LJ are the only two left standing.

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R&I fanfic recs for Gaby

First, I’d like to direct you towards my tag: misadventures in R&I fanfic.

Okay, now the good stuff!

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