Why do all of my late night YouTube excursions end up with me watching Otalia videos and faux-sobbing?

Now I’m watching the scene when Olivia and Doris were eating ice cream in Liv’s office and Olivia kissed Doris on the cheek. 


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#REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN OLIVIA AND DORIS WERE SUPPOSE TO HAVE A SCENE TOGETHER ABOUT BEING FRIENDS AND THERE WERE FLOWERS INVOLVED AND THEN WE NEVER GOT TO SEE IT BECAUSE THOSE BITCHES WHOSE NAMES I'VE BLOCKED OUT ARE THE WORST #i still blame them for everything that ever went wrong ever #especially ellen wheeler because she was the fucking worst but people would still talk about how great she was and i was like you all are bunch of fucking sheep #REMEMBER THAT TIME THAT OTALIA DIDN'T KISS AND PEOPLE WERE USING WORDS LIKE ENDGAME AND IT WAS THE WORST #remember lchat? that shit was the best. i spent two days reading through that whole fucking thread. that was some good shit #LONG TAGS BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY?! #otalia #guiding light #tagging this shit because i'm a bitch #ALSO I STILL STAND BEHIND MY HEADCANON THAT DORIS WAS TOTALLY SECRETLY IN LOVE WITH OLIVIA #i miss orlagh you guys #MEMORIESSSSS