Who’s a better kisser: Dylan or Evelyne? 

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Roland Hood [3x18]

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"you were named after two of the bravest men i ever knew" "you never gave me a name" "exactly. men are cowards"

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Nothing on TV: static + test pattern.

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all the works are still going to be up right?

yep! i meant “ended” in that they finished writing/making all the things and are posting them today.

i’m so excitedddd.

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omg, swan queen big bang ends todaaaaay.

so much to read.

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Song: Easter
Artist: Patti Smith
Album: Easter
227 plays


Patti Smith Group - “Easter” (1978)

i am the spring, the holy ground
the endless seed of mystery
the thorn, the veil, the face of grace
the brazen image, the thief of sleep
the ambassador of dreams, the prince of peace
i am the sword, the wound, the stain
scorned, transfigured child of cain
i rend, i end, i return again
i am the salt, the bitter laugh
i am the gas in a womb of light, the evening star
the ball of sight that leads, that sheds the tears of christ
dying and drying as i rise tonight

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Favorite Ilana Wexler outfits

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Clones + looking out for each other

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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orange caramel > the beatles
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Permanent Internet Reading Expression.


Permanent Internet Reading Expression.

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