I like that the internet comes before the cat.

well, you know. my cat doesn’t read me fanfic. he’s a damn good cuddler though.

i found a book my friend gave me in high school called “fearless girls, wise women and beloved sisters” and on the inside she wrote:

"to abby, because sometimes erotica just isn’t enough."

i’m gonna miss the internet :(

and my cat :(

i’m going to up to northern mn for about a week and a half-ish and i’m probably not going to have great wifi (that depends on whether i’m staying at my cousin’s place or in a cabin w/ my fam) so i’m going to try to set up a queue tonight but if i don’t, i’m not dead, i’m just out of town.

if the 4g works in the camp, i’ll be more likely to use twitter or instagram.

We were all doing this Leukemia and Lymphoma Society benefit and Amy had gotten a call like a week before it from Spike TV saying, we are doing this birthday party celebration on tv, Don Rickles is turning 88 and would you and Tina like to come do comedy at it?

it does. there’s even a kiss that lasts for more than two seconds, it’s incredible.

oh, i’m so glad!!! i’ve been hearing about it on my dash for awhile but i wanted to wait until it was over (and ended well) to watch it.

so, does em familia end well for those two ladies? no one dies at their wedding or anything? can i finally watch this storyline with the knowledge that it doesn’t end tragically?





i am 100% for women responding very rudely and aggressively to disgusting unsolicited messages or dick pics from men on the internet

^^^^^^^^ I support this message with everything I have, except my penis, of which you will not be getting unwanted AND/OR unsolicited pics about.

excuse me hello 911 i have an emergency


yes hes finding a way to talk about his penis anyway


Misty Upham’s dream came true when she got the role and a chance to work with Meryl Streep in August: Osage Country. Her story about working with Meryl presents an amazing portrait of the three-time Oscar winner:

“It’s everything you think it’s gonna be, but even better because everybody’s, you know, I’ve run into Meryl several different times after, during award season and also we both went to Women of the World last year and she has this amazing ability to relate to every shade of person that she’s with and she has that movie star superpower of making you feel like you’re the only one. And I would see her energy change from me to when she would go and talk to the first AD [assistant director] or when she would go and talk to John [Wells]. She just switches through all these currents of energy and so everybody has a beautiful, individual one of a kind masterpiece that she presents them. And her masterpiece with me was just ultimate compassion and it was beautiful.

And as busy as she was and as powerful as she was, she, there is an interesting story, I am gonna try not to cry, I really am, after we filmed with her, right after I did and they wrapped, that was her last take of the movie. And so, she went to go and get ready and they were gonna announce her wrap. And I had been so good at holding it in. I fell on the stairs and I just like broke down, you know, because, ‘Oh my God! My dream just came true.’ And you know, my life, odd, my life goal just happened, even more so than the Oscar. So I sat there and cried for a while.

And then I went downstairs, I didn’t know where everybody was and I walked out the first door and I was gonna see what was happening and then everybody was gathered out front and they were clapping. And I was like, ‘Oh no. It’s just me.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, no, no, no. We’re clapping because this is the last scene of the movie.’ And so then we went out and they had chocolate covered champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and the entire crew came and everybody stopped their work and Meryl came out and she did this great, she took her wig off and flung it and we all kind of celebrated for five minutes and I gave her a hug and started crying and she whispered to me, ‘Oh, what’s wrong baby?’ And I said, ‘My dream just came true and thought that if it ever came true, it would take my entire life.’ And she gave me a hug and while we were taking a picture, I was always, kind of put myself outside this family, this movie family because I was the housekeeper.

That was part of my approach to it. And so standing on the outside with some of my crew members who were my friends because living with someone for four months, you become sort of best friends in that time and Meryl was standing somewhere in the middle and she was asking, ‘Where’s Misty?’ And she saw me and she like left the middle and came around and stood with me on the side and put her arm around me. So in the crew photo, the last photo, she’s with me on the side. So her work ethic, her preparation, her technique, everything was everything that you would hope it would be, but her humanity would be even greater.” (x)

"They have to… otherwise… I’ll have never been born." Elsa thinks. She starts worrying again that her travel to Storybrooke may have completely screwed everything up. Henry is still looking up at her.

“It’s everything so weird… I’m your big brother!” She chuckles and looks down. It is indeed very weird, she has always been used to a much taller than her Henry.

"You are… but right now…"  She puts her hand in his head and smiles at him. “…you’re more like a little brother aren’t you?”  She finishes the sentence ruffling his hair, a gesture she remembers sadly, her big brother just loved to do when she was a kid herself.

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